Tips and tricks for keeping your home tidy when you have a busy schedule.

Step 1: Everything should have a home-Keep your shoes all in one place. Organize your silverware neatly in separate compartments inside the drawer. The shirts for summer and winter should be on opposite sides of the closet. Go through your home and make sure everything has a place. Do a small task each day so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the task’s scale. Take joy in doing each task. Do so with an appreciation for each item that you are organizing. This will allow you to complete the task with ease.

Step 2: Make Use of All Your Space-In order to make use of all your space wisely. Get rid of anything you do not use! Donate clothes, shoes, any gently used items to local goodwill. Organize your drawers and closets neatly and categorize all the items in an arrangement that is within reach.

Step 3: Keep Like Items Together -Organize your short sleeve shirts neatly in their drawer, put away jean in a separate drawer from linens, and have a specific drawer for each item. Put all the spoons together in that silverware drawer from STEP 1. Separate your items into categories. Go through each room in your home and put your like items together.

Step 4: Get rid of stuff you don’t need– I REPEAT, Get rid of anything you do not use! Donate clothes, shoes, any gently used items to local goodwill.

Step 5: 15-minute daily cleanup routineHere is a sample list feel free to make it your own. I recommend placing your daily cleanup routine on the fridge and checking off the tasks as they are completed daily 

  • Monday –take out the trash, recycle, scrub bathroom sink and toilet 
  • Tuesday– sweep and mop living room, deep clean kitchen sink
  • Wednesday– sweep and mop hallways, wipe out the microwave 
  • Thursday– Bedrooms, dust surfaces, wipe baseboards
  • Friday– empty dishwasher, wipe down kitchen surfaces
  • Saturday–wipe out inside of fridge and dust window sills 
  • Sunday– change linens
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