Sarina's Cleaning Services


Sarina's Cleaning Services

When booking with us, customers can either flat rate, full-day rate, contract rate, or hourly rate. They receive discounts and promotions for referrals and booking more than one cleaning in a given month. Sarina is always happy to discuss the booking and follow-up details with each customer to ensure they are happy with the service quality.

Current pricing

  • Organization Starting At $129.00

  • Standard Cleaning Starting at $169.00

  • Standard sanitization starting at $159.00

  • Green Cleaning Starting at $338.00

  • Move-Out Cleaning Starting at $378.00

  • Deep Cleaning Starting at $189.00

  • Deep Sanitization Starting at $199.00

  • Deep Clean and Sanitization Starting at $399.00

  • Move-out cleaning starting at $378.00

  • Deep cleaning starting at $189.00

  • Deep sanitization starting at $199.00

  • Deep deep clean and sanitization starting at $399.00